What A Property Manager Does

lettings and property managementToday I want to talk to you about, what a property manager does?

A property manager has to be a jack of all trades, (heres the official definition!)and the master of many. First and foremost, a property manager needs to be professional, and needs to make factual decisions rather than emotional decisions. Unfortunately emotional decisions are going to cost time and money. A property manager needs to know the laws, and they change frequently. It is our responsibility to keep up on those laws and current market trends. That way, if there’s any issues that you have and you don’t know what those current laws and current trends are, I guarantee you your tenants will. It’s important to have a property manager who knows the laws.

The main thing about a property manager working for a letting agents in Feltham for example to be aware of is that the money is paid on time for the rent. That’s what the client who owns the property is most concerned about, being paid on time.

The property manager also is available 24/7. We need to be there to answer any of the tenant’s issues or concerns, if there is a windstorm in the middle of the night or over the weekend, and you are on vacation, a property manager what are we going to do? We are going to take care of that issue for you while you are off having a great time with your family, friends, or at work.

Also a property manager needs to know current market trends, not only for rent rates but to also know what amenities as needed for your rental properties. We also are there to understand and prepare that rental property for the market. An example of that is knowing how much a property … If you’ve got a property that you want to rent, and you have some issues that you haven’t dealt over the property, for example, maybe you have some amenities in there or appliances in there that are older, and they really aren’t looking as sharp, and you are wondering, why isn’t this property renting? A property manager is going to know, well hey, the current market trends right now is to get a dishwasher in every unit or whatever it may be. We are able to make sure that that happens for your property, of course talking to you about cost and all of that. It’s very important.